Cleansing the body with honey and water: drinks, diet, recipes
The composition of honey is extremely diverse and healthy, it includes various enzymes, minerals, various amino acids,
Myth about smoking
Simple but effective methods for restoring blood vessels after quitting smoking
At the very beginning of quitting cigarettes, there is a high chance of relapse. In the first month this
Hydrogen peroxide 3%
Clean your entire house with hydrogen peroxide | Instructions for use
Hello my dear readers. Today we will talk about the use of hydrogen peroxide in the household,
Errors when taking medications. How to heal, and not load the body with chemicals
Mistake No. 2. “Every other time” The medicine runs out, and there are still 2-3 until salary or pension
Cleansing the body with buckwheat – BeLadies
How to cleanse the body with buckwheat and kefir?
Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. This interpretation of the famous saying
How to cure chronic constipation if nothing helps?
How to cure chronic constipation if nothing helps?
What are the causes of chronic diarrhea? Loose stools in an adult that are observed for a long time may
enema for weight loss with salt photo
Cleansing enema for weight loss with salt at home
Today, one of the most common problems is the desire of many to lose weight. It's connected
Medicinal herbs that cleanse the intestines
Keep Your Gut Clean! Cleansing the Body of Toxins!
The state of the body’s immune system and the absorption of nutrients obtained from food directly depend on
Doctor's advice
Sergey Ivanovich Filonov Dry therapeutic fasting - myths and reality
Should I do it? Several types are used in clinical practice. These include: Dry. Wet.
Salt in the blood
Cleaning joints from salts with rice preparation and recommendations
Cleansing with black radish juice Cleansing with parsley root and milk Cleansing with potato water Cleansing joints
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