How to remove a temporary filling and remove arsenic from a tooth yourself at home?
The days when a dentist removed a tooth without using anesthesia are long gone. Now on
How to help the body recover from alcohol intoxication
The ritual of drinking alcoholic beverages, characteristic of all kinds of holidays, can suddenly be overshadowed by alcohol poisoning. It
Hot smoking mackerel: preparation, time, temperature and recipes
Mackerel is considered an affordable and sophisticated fish. Most often on the festive table you can see smoked
stomach pain due to poisoning
What tests need to be taken in case of poisoning and why are they carried out?
In life, people encounter all kinds of poisoning. Most people think they will help themselves
Impact of nitrogen oxides on the human body and plants
How nitrogen affects the body Nitrogen has a harmful effect on the functioning of the central nervous system.
Features and dangers of poisoning from fermented milk and dairy products
Many people believe that there is no risk of poisoning for infants - that’s why they
Endotoxicosis: what it is and 7 signs of intoxication
Features of pathology Endogenous poisoning is associated with such concepts as infectious diseases, medical parasitology, hereditary
Inflammatory process in the colon or sigmoid colon
Laxatives and enemas can quickly cause diarrhea during constipation
04/05/2017 Bowel upset occurs quite often in adults. Constipation may occur due to
Causes of acetone poisoning and assistance to the victim
Chlorine is a gaseous substance that has a disinfecting effect. It is included in various detergents
Throw away urgently: 8 foods that should never be eaten expired
Chocolate is a product that usually does not stay in the house for a long time. Adults love him too
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